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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

T.T. Gristman/ Time Traveler

T.T. Gristman had a fuzzy memory when as a toddler he came to live with his grandparents! All he remembered was his Grandfather yelling at him not to cry! Boys don't cry! The first few years he was scared of his grandfather but then slowly came to love the grumpy old man. As time passed, T.T. or Tee as his grandfather called him found certain areas of the two and half mountains the family owned was off limits. When his grandfather became sick for the first time Tee was aware of, he showed Tee how to run the family still and make moonshine. That was when the still exploded that cost him the use of his right arm, he had no feeling or couldn't control the muscles in his right arm after the broken bones healed. Being a determined young man, he soon learned to use his left arm becoming better one armed than a lot of people were with two! Having been forced to drop out of school in the seventh grade to help his sick grandfather, he learned to do everything alone on the mountains. After the explosion, the grandfather destroyed the still.  The death of his grandmother by a heart attack was first, then was followed shortly afterwards by the death of his grandfather leaving him all alone on the mountains with no friends or much outside contact.  

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